PBI Files

These files are the raw material from which the PDF books are made: each file is an exact transcription of the problems in the original book. Quality control consists in verifying that there are no gross errors (i.e. dual solutions, short solutions, wrong solutions or lack of solution), and that the solution(s) that are present have key moves that correspond to what the solution in the printed book says.

Note: The files do not show the contents of the PDF books. They do not show what I have edited, added, removed or replaced -- mistakes in sources or problemists names, misprints of diagrams, etc. Key moves are in the format of the original, not in the short algebraic of the PDF versions.

The files are in a very simple text file format, designed for nothing else but to serve as a vehicle for information about problems transcribed from various sources. The format is described in a specification document.

There are some files missing: The Baird book, American Chess-Nuts, etc. Those files are still being brought into conformance with the latest PBI specification, and will appear when that work is done.

I have also collected PBI files from other old sources, which will be added as time permits.

Book Files Vers. PBI
J. W. Abbott: 121 Chess Problems (1887) - 15kb
Aftonbladets Problemturneringar 1898-1904 (1906) - 26kb
Arnell & Sørensen: Nordiske Skakproblemer (1879) - 28kb
Oscar Blumenthal: Schachminiaturen [I] (1902) - 40kb
Oscar Blumenthal: Schachminiaturen, Neue Folge [II] (1903) - 47kb
J. B., of Bridport: Chess Strategy (1865) - 21kb
F. C. Collins: Selection of Chess Problems (1881) - 15kb
Jean Dufresne: Sammlung leichterer Schachaufgaben, I (1881) - 34kb
Jean Dufresne: Sammlung leichterer Schachaufgaben, II (1882) - 45kb
Jean Dufresne: Sammlung leichterer Schachaufgaben, III (1887) - 37kb
C. A. Gilberg: Crumbs from the Chess-Board (1890) - 27kb
F. Healey: 200 Chess Problems (1866) - 21kb
Jespersen: 320 Danske Skakopgaver (1902) - 39kb
Ph. Klett: Schachprobleme (1878) - 13kb
Löwenthal: Era Problem Tourney (1857) - 8kb
F. W. Martindale: Chess Problems (1872) - 13kb
A. C. Palmer: A Collection of Chess Problems (1890) - 4kb
V. M. N. Portilla: Chess Problems (1873) - 11kb
C. F. Stubbs: Canadian Chess Problems (1890) - 25kb
John Thursby: Seventy-Five Chess Problems (1883) - 10kb
E. Wallis: 777 Chess Miniatures in Three (1908) - 85kb
C. W. of Sunbury: Chess Problems (1885) - 12kb
Other Files Vers. PBI
Schachzeitung 1846-1849 (271 problems, ZIP file) - 18kb
Schachzeitung 1850-1859 (1017 problems, ZIP file) - 57kb
Schachzeitung 1860-1870 (2151 problems, ZIP file) - 101kb
Deutsche Schachzeitung 1880-1889 (2548 problems, ZIP file) - 124kb