Comment Policy

General Guidelines

Keep in mind that content is generally visible to anyone on the net. Don’t post information you consider private.

Stay reasonably close to the topic of the page.

For the home page, anything that relates to chess problems, digitized or in digital form, historical problem tourneys (i.e. pre-1900), or the site itself will be considered on topic.

Moderation Settings

One goal of moderation is to reduce or eliminate links to hostile or irrelevant web content:

  • Guest comments require moderation.

  • Comments with images and videos directly attached are not allowed.

  • Comments containing links require admin approval. This will generally be given, unless there’s something wrong or weird about the link, such as links to black-listed sites.

Another goal is to prevent comments to lead users to regard the web site itself as hostile or irrelevant:

  • Comments containing restricted words will be auto-deleted. Comments judged to be toxic will be passed to admin for approval.


As far as possible, negative moderation over and above what has already been mentioned above, will be reluctant.

Changes in moderation policy will take placed only as needed, and there will always be a heads-up comment. Changes in actual rules (such as what words are considered restricted) may happen much faster.

At best, I post only once a week. While I try to keep an eye on pending comments daily, I may not always be able to.

/Anders Thulin (oldproblem97 at gmail dot com)