Disqus Commenting

Disqus commenting has now been installed. (One or two pages still lack it, but that will change as soon as I can figure out what I have messed up in their configuration.)

The free Disqus version is used, so expect to see ads. They should appear above or below the comments, never among them. I’ve disabled as many tracking options for ads that I am able to without paying for it.

Nonauthenticated (or guest) commenting is fine, but a bit messy: you need to enter a name and agree to some (but not necessarily all) of the Disqus points. Guest comments will also need to be moderated, and that will take additional time before I learn that there are pending comments.

Disqus/Facebook/Twitter/Google users can use their existing accounts.

Links, images, videos and other media are frowned on. A commenting policy will appear soon – expect it in the About menu.

By the way: if you have chosen to disable JavaScript in your browser, commenting won’t be available. (A warning text should appear to remind you, just in case.)

Serious problems or non-Disqus comments to: oldproblem97 at gmail dot com (replace the obvious with the obvious).

/A. Thulin