(British) Chess Association, 1860 (Cambridge)


At most six #3–5 (1 pr. for best problem)


Mr. Kling (prel.); Mr. Deacon (final)



pr. G. M‘Arthur
Chess Player’s Chronicle, Third Series

The announcement does not say it explicitly; presumably the competition was open only to members of the C.A.

Eight sets with 24 problems were received.

The rules of the problem tourney stipulated that the local committee would publish such problems that they may deem deserving, and that no competitor should publish any problem until after the publication of the Annual Report of the Chess Association.

No such report is known, though the announcement made it clear that all subscribers whould be entitled to a copy of the report of the local committee. The cited problem below was printed by Illustrated London News "by permission of the author and of the committee."

The name ‘British Chess Association’ was not used formally until after the General Meeting of ‘Chess Association’ in 1861, although it had been used informally earlier.


Prize: G. M‘Arthur