Canadian Chess Association, 1873 (2nd Meeting, Toronto, 1873)

Incompletely known.
set of three #2-4 (2 pr. + 3 sp. pr.; see notes)
Open to residents of the Dominion of Canada. Special prizes would be awarded to best #2, #3 and #4 problems.
1 pr. — (not awarded)
2 pr. — (not awarded)
3 pr. — (not awarded)
pr. best #2  R. H. Ramsay
pr. best #3  J. Henderson
pr. best #4  J. Ryall
Westminster Papers
v. 6, p. 2-3 (May, 1873): summary of announcement
New York Clipper
21/16 (1873-07-19): provisional award list
The (Dubuque) Chess Journal
5/42 (Aug., 1873), p. 498-500: prize problems at the late Canadian Chess Congress.

Westminster Papers is not completely clear if the requirement was for set of three problems (i.e. #2+#3+#4), or a set of 3x#2-4 problems. As the following tourney requires 3x#2-4 problems, it seems likely that that this may be the case for this tournament as well.

The preliminary awards indicated that no received set was sound, so no set prizes could be awarded. The judges are said to have sent the demolished sets back to the composers to ensure they hadn't missed anything.

The preliminary prizes for best problems were published anonymously by New York Clipper. Shortly afterwards, The Chess Journal published the problems as prize problems, and with composer's names, suggesting that the preliminary awards had become final. (The Chess Journal gives the winner of the best #4 problem as I. Ryall, while Illustrated London News on 1873-10-11 gives it as J. Ryall)


As the tourney information is taken piecemeal from non-Canadian sources, it should not be regarded as entirely trustworthy. Look for and use better sources.


Prize best #2: R. H. Ramsay


Prize best #3: J. Henderson


Prize best #4: J. Ryall