Chess-Monthly, 1884 (Two-mover tourney)

At most two #2
[J. H. Blackburne, J. Mason, F. H. Lewis] (see notes)
[1884-08-01 (Europe), 1884-08-15 (America), 1884-09-31 (elsewhere)] (see notes)
pr. F. Healey (Motto: The old and the new, prb. 2)
sp. m. G. J. Slater (Stumps and rails)
E. Pradignat (Lasciate ogni Speranza, prb. 2)
A. F. Mackenzie (I stand alone, prb. 2)
(See notes for more information on special mentions.)
The Chess-Monthly
v. 6, p. 29 (Sep., 1884): first publ. problem
v. 6, p. 285 (May, 1885): last publ. problems
v. 7, p. 133 (Jan., 1886): decision about judges
v. 7, p. 351 (July, 1886): preliminary award
v. 8, p. 71 (Nov., 1886): final award; list of mottos and competitors

The tourney was announced after a prize for the best #2 of the 2nd tourney had been donated to Chess-Monthly. (The donation may have been based on a misconception that this tourney would include two-movers.) While it was explicitly declared to be a separate tourney, the announcement does not mention closing time, judges, etc.: presumably the conditions for the 2nd Tourney were applied also for this one.

According to the announcement, preliminary awards were planned to be published immediately after publication of sets was concluded, and so was expected in the November, 1885 issue.

The originally announced judges (for the 2nd Tourney) assigned F. H. Lewis the role of referee. In January, 1886 Chess-Monthly announces that in Mr. Zukertort's absence the remaining judges and the referee would make the award. (Zukertort had only been mentioned as a possible judge in the announcement of the 2nd Problem Tourney, if he should return in time from his travels.)

Thirty-one problems in 24 sets were received. Two were identified as lacking a solution, but otherwise nothing is said about correctness. In the preliminary awards two problems shared the prize, but as one of them turned out to be very similar to a two-mover by J. G. Campbell, it was excluded from the final awards.

The solution tourney that was held during the publication period also included the two-move problems.

The judges noted that while Chess-Monthly had not adopted the system of honurable mentions, they nevertheless felt in right to give special mentions to several problems as shown above.


Prize: F. Healey