The Chess World, 1869

set of at least 6 problems (3×#3 + 2×#4 + #5) (3 pr.)

The problems were to be sent two at a time with a least one month between each contribution. The copyright of the problems will be the property of the proprietors of Chess World, without whose express permission they are not to be published elsewhere.
J. G. Campbell, G. McArthur, W. S. Pavitt, J. W. Abbott.

The Chess World appears to have ceased publication after the last issue of volume 4, i. e. after the March 1869 issue, although no statement to this effect has been found. This tourney presumably ended at the same time.

It was probably known before hand that publication would at least be interrupted, as the solutions of the problems printed in that last issue (prb. 69–72) are found in the same issue, while they normally would have been printed one or two months later. (There are some complicating factors as the solutions appear to cover problems that were not actually included in the issue.)