Cincinnati Commercial, 1881 (3rd Problem Tourney)

#2 (3 pr.)
(Due to a tie between four problems, only one shared pr. was awarded; see notes.)
winners of the solving tourney
1881-04-01 – 1881-07-30
1 pr. = J. G. Nix
H. E. M. Bettman = H. W., E., and M. L. Bettman
A. H. Robbins
J. A. Stafford
(= indicates a shared prize.)
Cincinnati Commercial
1881-03-26: announcement
1881-08-13: winners of solving tourney
1881-09-03: awards, votes

14 competing solvers solved all problems correctly, and were requested to vote for the three best problems.

13 competitors participated with 21 problems, of which 13 problems by seven composers received at least one vote from the judges.

One judge had lost the papers containing six of the problems, but voted for the three best in what remained. The sum of all votes produced a four-way tie for the first place, and the prizes, announced to be three in number, were presumably adjusted accordingly and divided between the four winners.


1st Prize (shared): J. G. Nix


1st Prize (shared): H. E. M. Bettman = H. W., E., and M. L. Bettman


1st Prize (shared): A. H. Robbins


1st Prize (shared): J. A. Stafford