Cincinnati Commercial, 1882 (6th Problem Tourney)

direct mates (2 pr.) (see notes)
No motto requirements.
winners of solving tourney (referee: chess editor [J. W. Miller])
1882-12-31 (the end of the year)
1 pr. H., E. and J. Bettmann (see notes)
2 pr. A. B. Block
Cincinnati Commercial
1882-06-24: prel. announcement
1882-06-30: announcement
1883-01-27: seven winners of solving tourney
1883-03-03: votes and winning problems

The solving tourney comprised two categories for problems: the General Tourney (with problems in not less than 3 moves) and the Junior Tourney (with problems in 2 moves). The latter was for solvers who had not known the the game for more than one year. For both these categories, problems were contributed as part of the composition tourney.

No account of how many problems were contributed has been found. A count of problems labelled as composed for the Commercial and published under the General Tourney and Junior Tourney labels indicates that one #4, nineteen #3, and eight #2 = 28 problems were received. (One #3 by T. J. Grotjan was published as original by mistake, and has not been counted.)

Of the seven solving tourney winners, two abstained from voting.

A comma has been added to the names H., E. and J. Bettman; the Cincinnati Commercial did not include one, giving the impression of there being two authors instead of three.


1st Prize: H., E. and J. Bettman


2nd Prize: A. B. Block