The Clipper, 1866 (The Chessmen Tourney)


set of 2x#3: one white-to-move, the other black-to-move (1 pr. to best single problem)

Submissions must not be under pseudonym or nom de plume, and must be accompanied by a photo of the competitor.


(Examination was done by column readers on publication of the problems after the closing date. Adjudication appears to have been done by reader votes, as indicated by the final report.)



pr. J. Patterson (motto: Palmam qui meruit ferat)
hm. G. Groves (motto: Peu e’ Peu)
  J. Elson (There’s the Rub)
  Geo. E. Carpenter (Medio Autissimis ibis)
  S. V. R. Buckbee (Vive la Cavalerie)
The Clipper
1866-05-05: announcement
1866-08-11: publication of problems begins
1867-02-16: final report and winning problem

The name of the tournament (The Chessmen Tourney) refers to the prize offered: a sett of unused, genuine Staunton Chessmen, K 1½ in. broad at the base, 3½ in. high.

21 problems were sent in, four of which were withdrawn. One set was incomplete, and was disqualified, leaving 8 sets for competition.

There is no mention in the report of which of the two problems in the respective sets that were awarded honorable mentions.

One additional competitor is identified in the report, although he did not receive any award: T. M. Brown.


Prize: J. Patterson