The Daily American (Nashville), 1886 (1st Tourney)

#2 (4 pr.)
No motto requirements. The 4th prize was for the best problem by a composer south of the Ohio river. (see notes)
J. C. J. Wainwright, W. A. Shinkman, G. Reichhelm
1886-08-15 (see notes)
1 pr. G. J. Slater
2 pr. H. and E. Bettmann
3 pr. T. Taverner
4 pr. A. B. Block
The Daily American (Nashville)
1886-05-09: first announcement
1886-06-06: final announcement
1886-06-13: first problem
1886-06-27: closing date postponed to Aug. 1
1886-08-15: tourney declared closed.
1886-09-26: names of judges
1886-10-17: last problem (tourney prb. 66)
1887-03-13: judge's report & prel. awards
1887-03-20: corrections to report (see notes)

The final announcement differed from the first announcement in that a fourth prize was added, donated by W. H. Lyons. A scale of appraisement to be used by the judges was said to be forthcoming, but has not been located. In the judges' reports, the following scale was used: Originality 30, Beauty 20, Difficulty 20, Economy 10, Variety 10, Correctness 10 for a total of 100.

A solution torney was held at the same time.

Problems were published under the name or signature of the composers. Some mottos were provided, but did not replace the composers' names.

The announcement declares the closing date to be 1886-07-15, which was later postponed to 1886-08-01. Judging by the column content, actual closing was on 1886-08-15.

The judges reported their findings separately in the form of score tables. The first publication of the table of G. Reichhelm was incomplete, but corrected on 1887-03-20.


1st Prize: G. J. Slater


2nd Prize: H. and E. Bettmann


3rd Prize: T. Taverner


4th Prize: A. B. Block