The Daily American (Nashville), 1887 (2nd Problem Tourney)

#2 (3 pr.)
#3 (3 pr.)
No motto required.
Prizes were awarded by by solvers' votes.
a: 2# 1 pr. W. J. Miller
2 pr. B. S. Wash
3 pr. T. Taverner
b: 3# 1 pr. G. J. Slater
2 pr. F. B. Phelps
3 pr. J. Jespersen
Daily American (Nashville)
1887-06-26: prel. announcement
1887-07-24: announcement
1887-07-31: first problems
1887-09-04: additional prizes
1887-11-06: last problems; call for votes for prize problems
1887-12-11: report, votes, awards, list of composers
Deutsche Schachzeitung

The preliminary announcement said that the tourney would include sui-mate problems: this was dropped in the first announcement. It also said that the tourney would start on July 17, but the first tourney problem was published on 1887-07-31.

Problems were anonymized, and published as Tourney Problem No. 1, etc.

A solving tourney was held at the same time. All solvers were asked to vote for the best four problems in each section. Twelve solvers returned votes.

According to the report, 54 problems by 23 composers were received, 18 of which were unsound. However, on 1887-11-06, the number of problems was said to be 53, which was also the number of the last published problem.

Two additional prizes (one in each section) were announced on 1887-09-04.

The main source used for the problems and tourney details is in many cases unfortunately on the border of legibility. To help solve some transcription problems, Deutsche Schachzeitung for June, 1888 was used as an additional source.


Section A: #2

1st Prize: W. J. Miller


2nd Prize: B. S. Wash


3rd Prize: T. Taverner


Section B: #3

1st Prize: G. J. Slater


2nd Prize: F. B. Phelps


3rd Prize: J. Jespersen