Westdeutsche Schachbund, 1876 (Düsseldorf)

#4 (1 pr.)
No motto required. Any number of problems were allowed. Problems became the property of the congress, and were not allowed to be disposed of after the closing date without the permission of the judges.
J. Kohtz, C. Kockelkorn
pr=  A. Bayersdorfer
pr=  J. Berger
hm G. Mehrtens
(pr= indicates a shared or ex æquo prize.)
i. 7 (July 1876), p. 222-223: invitation to problem tourney.
i. 10 (Oct. 1876), p. 304-305: congress report by C. Schwede, dated Oct. 5, 1876.
i. 11 (Nov. 1876), p. 321-333: detailed problem tourney report by Kohtz & Kockelkorn, with problems.

The purpose of the tourney was to provide a problem for the solving competition to be held during the congress. (None of the problems were found to be suitable for this purpose, however.)

16 problemists sent 29 problems.

At the congress, the judges reported that they were unable to place either of the top two contestants ahead of the other. They consequently suggested a shared prize, and asked for contributions to make up for the additional 50 Mark required.


Prize ex æquo: A. Bayersdorfer


Prize ex æquo: J. Berger