Jemtlands Tidning (SE), 1886

single #3 (3 pr.)
Open to all.
A. Arnell, H. Jonsson, J. Jespersen
1 pr. O. Meisling (Motto: Lille Pierre)
2 pr. W. Jensen (Quot capita, tot sensus)
3 pr. O. Fuss (Gl├╝ck auf!)
hm. P. A. Wennekendonk (Aequam memento rebus in arduis servare mentem)
hm. J. Pospischil (Na sever)
Jemtlands Tidning:
41/95 (1886-11-27), p. [4]: report (in Swedish)
41/96 (1886-11-30), p. [4]: list of participants

All problems were published between 1886-04-10 and 1886-09-28. A solving tourney was held at the same time.

54 problems were received of which 19 were found faulty. The judges scored problems from 1 to 10, independently. The sum of their scores determined the order of the awards.

On 1887-01-15, the chess editor complains that the people who have agreed to donate contributions to the prize fund are slow in actually paying the promised amounts.

An open letter from O. Meisling was printed in some publications in early 1889 stating that he had not received his prize from the tourney. (e.g. Deutsche Schachzeitung 44/2 (Feb., 1889), p. 63.) In Chess Monthly, v. 10, p. 160 (Feb., 1889) he additionally warned against taking part in Swedish tournaments.


1st Prize: O. Meisling


2nd Prize: W. Jensen


3rd Prize: O. Fuss