Lebanon Herald, 1875-1876

#2 (3 pr.)
Open to the world. Competitors could submit multiple problems.
Committee of Examination: T. P. Bull, W. Blair.
Committee of Publication: ?
Committee of Award: S. Loyd, J. B. McKim, A Georgia Girl.
1875-12-25 (extended to 1876-05-01)
1 pr. W. A. Shinkman (Motto: Who comes here?)
2 pr. R. B. Wormald (Ut niveus nigros nunc ut niger alligat albos)
3 pr. C. M. Baxter (Blue Bonnets)
hm. T. M. Brown (A sudden thought)
hm. T. M. Brown (Speculation)
hm. A. E. Studd (Dum spiro, spero)
hm. A. E. Studd (Merebimur)
hm. D. T. Brock (Divad)
hm. C. M. Baxter (Open, sesame)
hm. H. E. Kidson (Trois Etoiles)
hm. J. W. Abbott (Every cook praises his own stew)
hm. J. W. Abbott (Hic et ubique)
hm. J. A. Graves (Give me a key for this)
hm. J. N. Babson (We can not all be masters, nor all masters can not be truly followed)
hm. J. N. Babson (Deus ex machina)
hm. J. N. Babson (They also serve who only stand and wait)
hm. F. W. Martindale (E pluribus unum)
hm. J. K. Hanshew (Multum in parvo)
First publication of the prize problems was almost certainly in the Lebanon Herald in or about 1876. Unfortunately, no source for these have been located.
A Chess Century (R. L. C. White & Co. : Lebanon, Tenn., 1878)

The original announcement included only two prizes. The second prize was presented later by M. Hazeltine.

133 problems were submitted to the competition. The committee of examination eliminated 17 as unsound, i.e. with no solution or with a solution differing from that provided by the author. The committe of publication then eliminated 7 problems as unworthy of publication, and 2 problems as already published. The remaining 107 problems were published in The Herald, from 1875-11-24 to 1877-03-22, which led to two additional problems being eliminated as already published. 105 problems were finally passed to committee of award for judgement, who issued their report on 24 May, 1877.

The identity behind the pseudonym A Georgia Girl (member of the Committee of Award), does not appear to be known.

The name of the newspaper is cited differently in different sources. Ken Whyld (Chess Columns, p. 189) cites is as Herald only, while Library of Congress lists it as Lebanon Herald based on the title used in 1865. Until the title used during the period of the tourney has been established, the title used by the tourney book will be used.


1 Prize: W. A. Shinkman


2 Prize: R. B. Wormald


3 Prize: C. M. Baxter