Liverpool Weekly Courier, 1886

1–3 #3 (2 pr.)
Open to all. Problems had to be accompanied by a signed declaration of originality, etc. Usual motto and sealed envelope requirements. No corrections allowed.
H. J. C. Andrews
The editor (see notes) selected the problems he considered best, and passed them on to the judge for final decision.
1 pr. C. A. L. Bull
2 pr. E. Lindquist
Liverpool Weekly Courier
i. 1004 (1886-03-27), p. 3: regulations and conditions
i. 1006 (1886-04-10), p. 3: first problem published
i. 1030 (1886-09-25), p. 3: last problems published
i. 1037 (1886-11-13), p. 3: question of unoriginal problem?
i. 1038 (1886-11-20), p. 3: prel. selection of 9 problems; judge's report
i. 1039 (1886-11-27), p. 3: prel. awards
i. 1041 (1886-12-11), p. 3: info
i. 1045 (1887-01-08), p. 3: prel. awards declared to be final

Problems were published immediately, and were also subjects of a problem solving tourney.

The problem with the motto Eureka was withdrawn after strong similarities with a problem in the Counties Chess Association tourney had been noted. It was reported that the composer stated that he had composed both, and that the C.C.A. tourney problem was the earlier of the two.

48 problems were submitted by 31 composers. 14 problems were found to be unsound. 9 problems were selected by the chess editor as the best problems. No full list of composers and mottos was published.

According to K. Whyld's Chess Columns the chess editor at the time was R. F. Green.


1st Prize: C. A. L. Bull


2nd Prize: E. Lindquist