Counties Chess Association, 1871 (Malvern)

3x2–4# (1–4 pr.)
Open to any amateur. Entry fee 2s 6d. One additional problem was allowed as replacement for any problem discovered to be faulty. The number of prizes depended on the number of entries: with a minimum of 6 entries, one prize would be awarded, and so on. With 15 entries, a maximum of four prizes would be awarded.
J. Kling, P. T. Duffy.
1871-08-01 (entry fee and at least one problem); 1871-09-01 (remaining problems)
pr. J. W. Abbott (?Motto: How now! What news?)
See notes below for motto-related problems.
2/9 (June 1871), p. 277–280: Malvern meeting programme; problem tourney on p. 279–280.
2/11 (Oct. 1871), p. 346–351: problems; list of competitors (p. 347).
2/12 (Dec. 1871), p. 378–382: additional problems.
3/1 (Feb. 1872), p. 27: summary; 1 prize

No formal report has been found. The names of the judges have been taken from the summary (Feb. 1872). In October, the judges apparently had not been decided yet.

The published tourney requirements did not include any motto requirement.

In Chess Players’ Quarterly Chronicle a note to prb. LXIV (Motto: To be or not to be, that's the question) states that the editors have given the motto to this and the two last Tourney Problems. It is not entirely clear which those two last problems mentioned are, but they may include the first prize set, as one of the last two problems published in that issue belongs to that set.

The summary includes the names of the unsuccessful competitors, but omits W. Coates who was included in the list printed in Oct. 1871. The number of competitors is thus at least 6, possibly 7.


Prize: J. W. Abbott