Nationaltidende (DK), 1881

single #3 (2 pr. + extra pr.)
Open to all. Standard motto requirements. Extra pr. for best problem by a Nordic composer who did not receive an ordinary prize.
S. A. Sørensen, F. Søborg
1881-05-01 (Scandinavia), 1881-05-15 (Europe), 1881-06-01 (other)
1 pr. V. Nielsen (Motto: Vitalis)
2 pr. F. af Geijersstam (Phaëton)
extra pr. V. Holst (Smuler er Brød)
hm. H. Leprettel = H. Pelletret, R. l'Hermet, V. Mieses
i. 1786 (1881-04-24, p. [3] : first tourney prb.
i. 1951 (1881-10-09), p. [3] : report, part 1 of 2
i. 1958 (1881-10-16), p. [6] : report, part 2 of 2; list of competitors

39 compositions were received, of which 12 were incorrect, and one withdrawn by its author. Remaining 26 problems were published in Nationaltidende as well as Nordisk Skaktidende prior to the final report.

The report does not state that the hm. awards are in order by merit, so no such order should be imposed. The hm. problems, together with the extra pr. problem as nr. 3, were given by the judges as those next in merit to the prize problems, and from which the extra pr. should be selected, assuming that one of them fitted the requirements for that prize.


1st Prize: V. Nielsen


2nd Prize: F. af Geijersstam


Extra Prize: V. Holst