New York Clipper, 1874-1875

1-2 "Black to play and mate" with additional requirements (2 pr.)
Black must move; his King must stand in check, but with all three of the ways known to chess for his escape from (ch.) on the first move.

Motto was required, but separate enclosures for problem and name of author were not.
W. Horner
originally The week on which No. 897 appears (1874-02-14), but later extended to X-mas next (c. 1875-01-10)
1 pr. A. Townsend (Motto: Ffydd a Gobaith)
2 pr. A. Townsend (Fy merch Gwenddolen)
1 sc F. M. Teed (Who comes so late)
2 sc C. A. Gilberg (Check, check!)
1 hm T. M. Brown (Salve, sodales)
2 hm A. Z. Huggins (Help me, Cassius, or I sink)
3 hm A. Z. Huggins (Quien Sabe?)
The listed awards follow the order of the list in New York Clipper, where 'sc' awards were listed above 'hm'. (sc = 'special commendation')
New York Clipper v. 21 (Apr. 1873--Mar. 1874):
21/35 (1873-11-15): announcement.
21/48 (1874-02-28): extension to "X-mas next".
New York Clipper v. 22 (Apr. 1874--Mar. 1875):
22/5 (1874-05-02): clarification of requirements.
22/39 (1874-12-26): tourney closes "within two weeks."
New York Clipper v. 23 (Apr. 1875--Mar. 1876):
23/38 (1875-10-09): report and list of awards.

The original purpose of the tourney was to a find a worthy problem to celebrate the 900th diagram of the column. The time allocated proved to be insufficient, and was extended for almost a year.

The original announcement only mentioned 2 prizes, and only 2 were awarded by the judge. However, in the requirements clarification 3 prizes were mentioned.

The tourney requirements were same as those used in an earlier Clipper tournament (New York Clipper, 1860).

Seventeen problems were published between 1874-11-21 and 1875-04-17. No solutions have been found, except to the 1st pr. winner.


The diagrams were originally printed from black's point of view, i.e. with A1 in the upper right corner. They have been rotated to follow modern diagram conventions.

1 Prize: A. Townsend

black to move #10

2 Prize: A. Townsend

black to move #3