North Yorkshire and Durham Chess Association, 1866 (Redcar)

Two #2–4 (1 pr.)

Open to all British amateurs. Non-members, or subscribing members of less than £1 1s, had to pay 10s 6d to the Prize Fund. All problems were considered the property of the Association.
H. Staunton, W. Wayte, C. V. De Vere

(The judges were chosen from those present at the meeting.)
1866-06-02, postponed to 1866-07-02.
pr.  W. Grimshaw
Chess World, v. 2, i. 4 (June 1866), p. 121: problem tourney announcement.
The York Herald, i. 4890 (1866-08-18), p. 11: identifies the judges of the problem tourney and prints their verdict.

The congress inaugurated the North Yorkshire and Durham Chess Association, and was held at Redcar, August 6-12, 1866.

The usual motto requirement was not mentioned in the published announcement of the tourney; so far no motto of any published set has been found.

The number of participants in the tourney is not known.

Prior to final adjudication (which was done during the congress), some problems were published for public scrutiny. In addition to the winning set, the problems by A. B. Skipworth have been found (Illustrated London News, v. 48, i. 1372 (1866-05-26), p. 499, prb. 1161: #4; and The Field, v. 28, i. 706 (1866-07-07), p. 12, prb. 391: #4).


Prize: W. Grimshaw