Northumberland and Durham Chess Association, 1866 (Newcastle)

Two 3-4# (1 pr)

The problems were considered the property of the association.
P. T. Duffy, H. C. Mott
pr. T. Smith (Motto: Neither Lamouroux nor Bayer)

(This is the final award. The prize was first given to H. E. Kidson.)

The Field
v. 27, i. 690 (1866-03-17), p. 221: announcement.
Illustrated London News:
v. 48, i. 1365 (1866-04-14), p. 371: results and one of Kidson's problems (prb. 1155).

The announcement and the problem tourney results were printed in multiple newspapers at approximately the same time.

Seven sets were received.

Originally, the judges awarded H. E. Kidson the first prize for his set Trois Etoiles, but it was discovered later that one of the problems was faulty. Kidson returned the prize, and it was instead given to T. Smith, whose set had been identified as next in rank.

While the congress book prints a corrected version of the faulty problem, it is probably mistaken about its original form when it says that this problem, as originally sent, had a white Pawn, instead of a Black one, on Q R fifth. The problem was first(?) printed in Illustrated London News (see source reference above), but there the square a5 is empty.

The congress book notes: In future, the award of the examiners will not be considered binding on the Committee until a month's publicity of the problems shall have established their accuracy.

Apart from the problems of Kidson and Smith, the congress book also prints the problems of W. Coulthard, J. White, W. Cotton, and J. Scott.


Prize: T. Smith





[*] = Faulty: Multiple key moves