Schachzeitung, 1866‒67

Partially unknown.
#2 (2 pr.)
#3 (2 pr.)
s#3-4 (2 pr.)
endgame study (2 pr.)
Only one composition per section and competitor. (When the time extension was announced for section D, competitors in that section were also allowed to send multiple entries.)
M. Lange, J. Minckwitz, E. Vorwerk
1866-06-30 (section D extended to 1867-05-31)
a: 1 pr. “D. Rabey”* (Motto: Auf Lebensfrische!)
  2 pr. C. Clerck (Granulum)
  hm. “Einsiedler von Tirnau”* (Wer zaubern könnte!)
b: 1 pr. H. Landesmann (Sed dux atque imperator vitae mortalium animus est)
  2 pr. A. Keller (Mag Mars durch Deutschlands Gauen eilen, / Die Musen werden dennoch bei uns weilen.)
  hm. “Einsiedler von Tirnau”* (Wer zaubern könnte!)
  hm. “D. Rabey”* (Auf Lebensfrische!)
c: 1 pr. L. Karner (Wer den Vortheil erringen will, muss die Gefahr tragen))
  2 pr. H. Specht (Glück auf!)
  hm. “D. Rabey”* (Auf Lebensfrische!)
d: ?
* “Drakon Rabey” = K. Bayer
* “Einsiedler von Tirnau” = Arnold, Count Pongrácz
v. 21, i. 7 (Aug. 1866), p. 256: closing date postponed sine die.
v. 21, i. 9 (Oct. 1866), p. 320: closing date decided
v. 22, i. 2–3 (Feb./Mar. 1867), p. 33–37: partial report, extension of section D time.

In July 1866 (printed in the August issue) the closing date for the tournament was postponed, due to 'the distressing political events' (presumably the Austro-Prussian war of 1866). If a new closing date was decided, it would be announced at least a month before.

In September 1866 (printed in the October issue) the new closing date was set to 1866-10-20.

A partial report for sections A, B and C was printed in the Feb./Mar., 1867 issue. As no chess studies at all had been received for section D, a new closing date was set to 1867-05-31, and at the same time, competitors were allowed to send multiple entries. No further information has been found about the outcome of this section of the tourney, and it not known if it was finished.


Section A: #2

1 Prize: “D. Rabey”


2 Prize: C. Clerck


Section B: #3

1 Prize: H. Landesmann


2 Prize: A. Keller


Section C: s#

1 Prize: L. Karner


[+] = Faulty: No solution

2 Prize: H. Specht