Todo: 1860-1869

Some tourneys from this period have already been published, but are not completely known and may benefit from additional information or research:

Other tourneys range from the almost entirely unknown to the reasonably well known, requiring only some additional work to be published:

  • Belfast Weekly Whig, 1863.

  • Brooklyn Standard, 1861. Only requirements known so far.

  • Chess World, 1866. Was almost certainly broken off or postponed.

  • Chess World, 1869.

  • The Clipper, 1867. Minor tourney, partially known.

  • Northumberland and Durham Chess Association, 1866 (Newcastle). Some confusion over actual winner (Kidson or T. Smith?) remains to be cleared up.

  • Northumberland and Durham Chess Association, 1867? A winner is known, but very little else.

  • North Yorkshire and Durham Chess Association, 1866 (Redcar). Semi-known, but there seems to be several ambiguities that need clearing up. (Some writers seems to think it is a BCA event.)

  • Le Palamède Française, 1865. Another messy tourney in that several judges stated they had not been involved in the published report.

  • Schachzeitung, 1869.

  • Le Sphinx, 1867. Seems to have ceased publication.

  • Westdeutsche Schachbund, 1867.

  • Westdeutsche Schachbund, 1868.

  • Wiener Schachgesellschaft, 1863? Winner is known (H. Lehner), but fairly little else.

  • Wilke’s Spirt of the Times, 1868? Some requirements are known, but it is not clear if they were suggestions, or of they were actually used.

  • Yorkshire Chess Association, 1868. Fairly well sourced, but it seems to have been postponed to 1869, requiring additional research of that year.

  • ? (Paris), 1867. Associated with the international congress.