Westdeutsche Schachbund, 1863 (Düsseldorf)


Set of two #2–5 (2 pr.)

Open to everyone.

M. Lange, G. Schnitzler, O. Wülfing.
Extra judges: J. Kohtz, K. Kockelkorn.
1 pr.
J. Berger (motto: Deutsche Kraft beugt sich gerne deutschen Richtern)
2 pr.
V. Knorre (Wagen gewinnt, wagen verliert)
1 hm
H. Meyer (Kunst und Tugend ziert die Jugend)
2 hm
H. A. Stavenüter (Take it coolly)
3 hm
Miss Lina P...... (Segen ist der Mühe Preis)
4 hm
H. Lehner ( — Ma la tema in tuo core e l'ardimento / Componga un misto, che prudenza sia, / E seco ti consiglia ogni momento)
i.1047 (1863-07-25), p. 70: congress program & problem tourney requirements
i.7 (July 1863), p. 210: congress program & problem tourney requirements
p. 9–18: detailed report.
p. 56: prize-winning problems.

The Jahrbuch and the October/November issue of Schachzeitung (which was probably printed in early November) are printed from the same type, with only minor changes; it is difficult to say which was printed first.


21 sets received, of which 10 proved to be faulty. The large number of sets required extra judges for examination: J. Kohtz and K. Kockelkorn.

Based on the report for set 11, the judges appear to have allowed both corrections to faulty problems, and possibly even replacements of faulty problems. (This set, with motto: Tiro magistris, was later shown to be by K. Bayer, when the single correct problem printed in the congress book reappeared in the 1 prize set of the International Chess Congress, 1867 (Paris) problem tourney.)


1 Prize: J. Berger





2 Prize: V. Knorre