Wiener Schachgesellschaft, 1863?

Open to members only.
K. Bayer, R. Willmers, F. Nowotny
pr.  H. Lehner (Motto: Vom Neide frei soll das Verdienst sich messen)
i. 6 (June, 1864), p. 192-193: tourney winner
i. 60 (Sept., 1875), p. 283: Lehner's own notes on the winning problem (prb. 425).
i. 61 (Oct., 1875), p. 320: motto; comm. Bayer: F. Nowotny was third judge.
——: correction to diagram of prb. 425.

No official information is known about this tourney; information comes from secondary sources.

The number of prizes and honorary awards (if any) is not definitely known: while one source says that Lehner won the first prize (implying that there probaby is a second prize), another source only says that he won the prize. Lehner's own account from 1875 does not mention more than one prize.

Emil Feyerfeil (Schachzeitung, 19/5 (May, 1864), p. 155, prb. 1775) and J. Berger (Schachzeitung, 19/6 (June, 1864), p. 210, prb. 1795) are known to have participated.


Prize: H. Lehner